We can repair and/or service your Bolex 8mm camera, but only for the following models:


B8 - B8SL - B8L - B8LA - C8 - C8L - C8LA - C8SL - D8L - D8LA - P1 - P2 - P3




$249.00 Plus $25.00 S&H in USA, only.
(Outside USA, please email for shipping quote.)


Sorry, no H8, H16 or series K, S or L repair.

For H8 and H16 service, please visit:




Normal CLA
Our charge for a normal CLA (clean, lube, and adjust) is $219.00, plus $25.00 S&H USA, only. Outside USA, please email for shipping quote. This is typically what is required if the camera is serviceable (can shoot film) and has not been serviced in the last 2-3 years.

Got An eBay Camera?
If your camera was purchased off of eBay or has been sitting in a closet for many years and/or has not been used or serviced recently, it will typically require a complete dismantling of the motor and winding assembly to clean the hardened grease. Our charge for this Extended CLA service is $249.00 plus $25.00 S&H USA, only. Outside USA, please email us for a shipping quote.

Return postage includes insurance and tracking. We also include a copy of the Bolex Owner's Manual for your model camera on DVD. All work comes with a written 30-day warranty.

Ship To Address
Use the link below to request a "ship to" address. We will send you:

1) Our street address for UPS or FEDEX deliveries.


2) Our U.S. Post Office Box address for USPS deliveries.

Upon receipt of your camera, we will evalute its condition and send you an estimate of repair/service costs. Most cameras purchased off eBay will need the ExCLA service. Cameras that are currently in use will typically need the CLA service.

If the estimate of the work to be done is more than you are willing to spend, we will limit the evaluation charge to $55.00. This includes return shipping and insurance, USA, only.

You can choose to prepay the service estimate charges or wait until you have the repair estimate. In the event you prepay, all money paid is credited towards the final bill.

How To Pack The Camera
Pack the camera in a shipping container using at least -3- full turns of bubble wrap around the body to protect the plastic control knobs and len(s) of the camera. Place it into the cardboard box with enough padding so it fits snugly and doesn't rattle around in the box.

We double box all cameras for return shipping and insure the package for its current estimated value including the cost of service work performed.

Consider placing an extra address label with your return address inside the box just in case the USPS/UPS/FEDEX/OTHER "scrapes off" the outside label.

And remember this: even the best packed carton is subject to the handling of the shipper.

Click on the sentence below to see a "real world" example:

"It was packed well, but the box still was damaged."

The hole in side of the carton looks to be made by the corner of another box or object. Note the irony of the picture. "FRAGILE". Sorry, NO shipper does FRAGILE - NONE! Allow for it. The camera arrived without any damage. The camera was in its hardcase and the box was over stuffed with crumpled newsprint. The newsprint took the blow - not the camera.

Send it to the address provided by us via U.S. Mail or the shipper of your choice. If you use U.S. Priority mail, all US Post Offices will give you a U.S. Priority mailing box at no charge. USPS includes free delivery confirmation (DC) with all U.S. Priority Mail shipments. The DC number is printed on the top third of the postal receipt.

Most cameras, less larger accessories and leather case, will fit inside a U.S. Priority Mail medium size flat-rate box. The current postage for a U.S. Priority Mail medium-sized flat rate box is $15.05 and includes $50.00 insurance.

No need to send extras such as Declic handle, prime lenses, film spools, etc, unless they need inspection. I recommend that you insure the package for it actual replacement cost or value to you.

Please forward us the tracking number so we will know when to expect it. After repair and/or evaluation, we will return the camera postpaid, insured, and with USPS tracking (delivery confirmation).

Can I Do My Own Overhaul?

Read this tutorial.

Contact us at:


You can pay through PayPal. Use the email address:


Send a check or money order, made out to "Steve Randall" for the proper amount.


1) $55.00 for evaluation only. This fee will be applied to the final bill if the camera is maintenanced. Additional postage if returned to outside the USA.

2) CLA $219.00 plus $27.00 S&H in USA. Outside the USA, please email for shipping quote.

3) EXCLA $249.00 plus $27.00 S&H in USA. Outside the USA, please email for shipping quote.

How Long For Repair?
I will send you an email when we receive the package. Repair usually takes about 2-3 days, with 2-3 days return shipping time (not counting weekends or holidays). I will email you again when the camera ships giving you the tracking and insurance information.

If you elect not to have the work done, the camera will be returned postpaid and insured. If the camera needs additional work, I will email you for permission and will quote you any additional costs.

All repairs come with 30-day written warranty. Read the warranty by clicking on the logo below:

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